The Silkscreen Studio

About thirty years ago I established my studio at 17, rue La Vieuville, a picturesque Montmartre street in Paris. The studio opens onto the street, which enables me to show my work to passing people : paintings, artistic silkscreen prints, T-shirts, tamigraphies.

In my studio I also give courses of traditional silkscreen printing. No machine is used. From the drawing to the preparation of the stencils and the printing (the process of pressing the paint through the screen with a squeegee), everything is done exclusively manually. The ink for printing on paper, canvas, textile etc, and all the other substances I use are nontoxic and totally biodegradable.

Atelier Serd’Art
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Sérigraphie artisanale dans l’atelier de Nikolas Serdar 

Nikolas Serdar, le dernier artisan sérigraphe de Paris

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L’atelier de Nikolas Serdar

L’enfance de l’art – stage de sérigraphie, par Sandra Smadja